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Hi! Getting pregnant at 38, I was lucky to have already come across natural pregnancy and birthing protocols to enter motherhood with so much trust in having a home birth with my partner. Fast forward to 4 years later, my two young daughters were both successfully birthed at home, with my husband and a midwife as support. 

The vibrancy of my girls have inspired a whole new niche for my work, to create BirthReady, a program for pregnant women to move from fear to clear and create the natural birth of their choice. 
I look forward to sharing this comprehensive tool-packed course as soon as it is ready.

As I continue to adventure through life with my family, with a focus on consciously raising our girls, I am excited to be creating space to also re-ignite my passion to enable wholesome integral performance success, using tools that are the most appropriate with each person that aligns with my work. 

Catherine Garceau, Olympic Medalist and Author of 'Swimming Out of Water'. Catherine will take us through her 360-degree approach to life, which decreases stress, promotes positive thinking, and enables better emotional awareness to release negative habits. 

Catherine Garceau

Birth Ready

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